District Vision, Mission & Goal


The vision of Kitagwenda district is to have a Transformed middle-income earning population with quality life in Kitagwenda by the year 2040.


To provide effective and efficient equitable services to foster and stimulate socio-economic development to the people of Kitagwenda in conformity with national and local priorities”.


Sustainable Agro-Industrialization and social-economic transformation for inclusive growth, employment and wealth creation.


i. To transform Agricultural production from subsistence to commercial agriculture

ii. Economically skilled and empowered community.

iii. To have efficient and effective smooth running of all sectors under Boards and Commissions in a well-coordinated manner.

iv. Quality education for further learning, livelihood and good Citizenship.

v. Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages.

vi. To promote labour productivity, employment, protect rights of vulnerable and empower marginalized groups for gender-responsive development.

vii. Natural resources sustainably managed for ecological and social economic benefits.

viii. Construction and maintenance of District feeder roads, buildings and increase safe and sustainable water coverage and sanitation services.

ix. Improved and coordinated financial management for sustainable economic growth and development.

x. To strengthen state and non-state institutions’ engagement in disaster management in the District.

xi. Complete construction of district office building